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What Instant album guest book size do i need? 

People usually take pictures as couples so:
Horizontal format: 30 pages x 1pic pocket album for 30 – 60 guests. (30 photos)
Horizontal format: 40 pages x 1pic pocket album for max 80 guests. (40 photos)
Horizontal format: 50 pages x 1pic pocket album for max 100 guests. (50 photos)
A4+ format: 30 pages x 2 pic pockets album for max 120 guests. (60 photos)
A4+ format: 40 pages x 2 pic pockets album for max 140 guests. (80 photos)
A4+ format 50 pages x 2 pic pockets album for max 200 guests. (100 photos)

I really like horizontal format but i have too many guests, can you make 2 pockets in horizontal format page ?

I am sorry but its not possible, because there is not enough space in the page for 2 pockets. I have to leave extra space above the pocket for the photo also lines for writing under. Vertical format is nice, i never had complains about it. 

Why it takes some time so receive the album?

Liumy makes album for each customer individually without any machines. Pockets are hand sewed to each page using needle. Then bows are tied. When pockets are done all the pages are hand sewed together and the album cover is done with standard label or cut lettering. It is not mass made product. It is unique design, high quality product so it take some time to create it. Your patience is highly appreciated.

Can you make album with no pockets?

Yes i can make any album with no pockets if you want to use it as blank guest book or for standard photos it will work great. And it will be cheaper too.
Please check blank album section. Or email me if you dont find what you wish. 

Pockets are from both sides of the page?

No, they are from one side, because page has a hand sewed pocket to the page (not glued) so the pocket will hold strong forever. Yes we sew each page by hand and yes it takes TONE of time :) if you order blank album then both sides can be used to glue the instant photos.

I am not sure which camera to use, can you advise?

There are 2 formats: portrait and landscape. It is not good idea to rotate camera with Instant film, because it has white border under. And it should go white border down to the pocket. If you like portrait format then Fujifilm Instax mini is a good choice. It is not big: credit card size. But dont be afraid, its very cute and works well for portraits. Not more then 2 persons thow. Also its the cheapest film.

Fujifilm Instax wide or Impossible film is landscape format and 2x times bigger then instax mini. Its good for group photos because lens is wider. More expensive. Impossible film is the most expensive film but good quality and can be used with old cameras.

I would highly recommend Fujifilm Instax cameras as they are the same good quality as old Polaroids and the price for the photos is very good. Price for 1 instax mini pictures is around 1$ or less. Instax wide is a bit more expensive. Old polaroid pictures are sold by “Impossible Film” and the price is ±2,77$ per picture.
Polaroid cameras can also be used but please check the size of the pictures before purchasing.

I want to put more photos then its recomended.

There is a trick how to put 2 photos into one pocket. But its possible only with Instax mini film. I can make wide pocket so you can put 2 instax mini photos.You have to order WIDE pockets. So if album is 30 pages with 1 pocket per page with instax wide pockets it will hold not 30 photos but 60.