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Pen Recommendations for Guestbooks

by Evaldas Cesnavicius |

Congratulations on your coming celebration! If you are reading this post probably you have already ordered guestbook and wondering what pen or sharpie you should be using.

White color pages guestbook: i would take several pens and write few sentences on any sheet of paper. Not all pens write the same. I noticed that with some pens my writing looks better then other. So pick the one you feel most comfortable to write with. Pen color is usually blue or black. For nautical theme wedding i would probably go with blue pen! For any other i would choose black pen but its a matter of personal preference. 

Guestbook Calligraphy Liumy


Black color pages guestbook: the same technique works for black pages too. But you need white color ball pen to write on black color. Usually i add a white pen for free with the black pages album (as it costs a bit more). If you want something different you can try to find ball pen that writes in gold. 

Sharpies: i would not use sharpies as most of them are thicker then ball pens and writing is not so comfortable, especially if you want to write more then few words. Bleeding is not so noticeable on my guestbook paper but it depends on a sharpie you use. Also sharpie is not so elegant as ball pen so i strongly recommend to use ball pen. 

I would recommend to have 2-3 or even more pens on the table, because sometimes pens get lost. So guests can grab a new pen and continue leaving memorable notes for you!

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Instax Mini vs Instax Wide

by Evaldas Cesnavicius |

Fujifilm instax film became very popular in the market and its one of the best options. There are 2 format film: Instax Mini and Instax wide. And if you are not sure which format is better for you i will try to help you choose:

Instax mini - as the name suggests is a small 5.4(W) x 8.6(H) cm | 2.1' x 3.4' credit card size photo. Its a portrait type film that has thicker white border in the bottom of the photo. So when you slide the photo in the pocket your photo wont be covered. Also its the cheapest film. Price for 10 pack starts from 9$. Fijufilm cameras that uses this film has a portrait type lens so the best to shoot portraits of 2 people. Yes the size of the photo is quite small but it has something special about this format. It feels like a selfie instant photo. And if Polaroid created their legendary square format Fujifilm definately has their own now!

Instax Mini Guestbook

Instax wide - as the name suggests its bigger format then instax mini. Photo size is 10.8(W) x 8.6(H) cm | 4.2' x 3.4'. So two Instax mini = Instax wide photo. This film is horizontal or landscape format and its great for bigger group photos. Cameras that uses this film has a wider lens so this a great choice if you want to make several location shots too. Film is more expensive then instax mini, 10 pack starts from 13$ - but HEY you get 2times more photo space! 

My suggestion to pick the one you like better. My favorite is Instax mini but i doesnt mean that Instax Wide is not great choice! Dont worry, both of them will work great for your celebration! 

Horizontal or Vertical format Guestbook?

by Evaldas Cesnavicius |

As you probably know already Liumy makes 2 format albums / guestbooks: horizontal and vertical. In this blog post i will talk about their differences and which one is perfect for your celebration!

Horizontal guestbook / album has 1 pocket per page from one side of the page and is perfect for celebrations up to 100 guests. People take photos as couples most of the times so the biggest album you can choose from is 50 pages. I dont make bigger albums then that because the album gets too thick (each page has a spacer so when you put photos in the album it wont spread). 

Wedding Guestbook LiumyVertical guestbook / album has 2 pockets per page from one side of the page and is perfect for celebrations 100 - 200 guests.

Some clients say that they like horizontal format better then vertical but let me explain why vertical format might be better:

1) Vertical format guestbook is 2 times bigger then horizontal so there is more space for beautiful lettering on the cover. 

2) If your wedding is bigger then 80 - 100 guests, you can choose horizontal 50 pages album and it will work just fine. But i would recommend choosing vertical 30 pages album that will be thinner.

3) Having some extra pockets always makes sense. I have tested my guestbooks in many weddings and sometimes guests like to make more then one photo. So if you choose slightly bigger album it will always pay of.

What if you have some free pockets after your wedding celebration? Well you can always populate the album with your own Poarloid type photos. 

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