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Stickers Emojis for the Wedding Guesbook, Cream Red Tones by Liumy

These lovely little stickers will help your guests to add a bit of fun to the guestbook message! They are like emojis that most of us use for messaging.

There is a short instruction on the sticker page: 
"Take an instant photo and write a message in the guestbook! Use these tiny stickers to add a bit of fun.."

There are 72 unique design stickers on one page. You can place them on the photos too! Stickers are easily removable from the page in case you have changed your mind and want to replace with another one. So they wont damage guestbook paper.

Usually people write a message as a couple and would use up to 5 stickers. I would recommend 1 page for 5 couples. As guests should have a freedom to choose from many stickers available.

Here is my recommendation how many sticker pages you would need:

- 60 guests / 30 couples - 6 pages
- 80 guests / 40 couples - 8 pages
- 100 guests / 50 couples - 10 pages
- 120 guests / 60 couples -12 pages
- 160 guests / 80 couples - 14 pages
- 200 guests / 100 couples - 20 pages

So place the guestbook on the table together with the camera and sticker pages. The instruction on the sticker pages will guide them and they will know what to do :) I hope you will have an amazing guestbook for many years to remember!
Free shipping if you order together with the guestbook!

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Ilaria Canesi

Stickers Emojis for the Wedding Guesbook, Cream Red Tones by Liumy

Tasha Martindale

Perfect communication. Prepared and shipped my album w/little notice in time for my wedding. So grateful! Will definitely order from again:)

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