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Wedding White Garter White Velour Ribbon by Liumy

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Liumy bridal garter "White Velour Ribbon" was designed with great attention to details:

  •  made from white color velour and decorated ribbon

  •  the base made from elastic fabric so it will feel tight and comfortable on your leg. This is the most comfortable garter from my collection. 

  • choose from wider or slimmer versions. If you have curvy body i would recommend choosing wider version. If you are tiny then smaller version.
  •  made specially for you! Please leave your leg messurments in the text box bellow

  •  packed in beautifull box made from nude colour paper and decorated with gold foil letering and ribbon. So it can be a great present for the bride


Due to limited fabric and embroidery stock, garters might be sold out in high season. So please dont wait until last minute!


Production time: 1 week

Shipping to US: 2-3-4 weeks

Shipping to UK: 2-3 weeks

Shipping to Australia: 3-5 weeks

Shop and return policies!

If you have any questions feel free to message me: info@liumy.net


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