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Christmas Green Guest Book Photo Album with White Lettering by Liumy

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Instant Christmas Guest Book Album with Photo Pockets. Great Winter Celebration Idea! With Personalized Lettering


Made to order. Production time 1 week!  Not including shipping time. Before ordering please read policies

• This is a handmade product that has amazing feeling to use
• Page paper is top quality (acid free) with a slight warm tint
• Personalized label or cut lettering on the cover
• Each page has a hand sewed pocket, (not glued) so the pocket will hold strong forever! Pocket is from one side of the page. Making of
• It is not a book, it’s an album! There are spacers between the pages so photos won’t spread the album
• Each page has 3 lines under the pocket for the message writing. Lines cannot be customized
• Blank - no pockets version! Pages are empty so works great for writing, standard photos as well as with Instant photos if you are looking for more economical choice. I will add a pack of double sided stickers so instant photos can be placed anywhere in the page
• Album is packed in a paper box so it can be a great present

Album Formats

There are two albums formats:

HORIZONTAL album size: 23(W) x 17(H) cm | 9' x 6.6' Inch.

VERTICAL album size: 23(W) x 33(H) cm | 9.4' x 13.3' Inch.

This guestbook can be made for:
1) Instant camera film to be used with POCKETS ( 1 pocket per page horizontal format / 2 or 3 pockets per page vertical format)
2) Photo booth film long stripes 2 POCKETS per page (vertical format only)
3) Blank NO POCKETS (horizontal or vertical formats)

Page Number

People usually take pictures as couples so:

60 Guests / 30 photos: Horizontal format: 30 pages x 1 pic pockets
80 Guests / 40 photos: Horizontal format: 40 pages x 1 pic pocket
100 Guests / 50 photos: Horizontal format: 50 pages x 1 pic pockets
120 Guests / 60 photos: Vertical format: 30 pages x 2 pic pockets
140 Guests / 80 photos: Vertical format: 40 pages x 2 pic pockets 
200 Guests / 100 photos: Vertical format: 50 pages x 2 pic pockets
180 guests / 90 photos: Vertical format: 30 pages x 3 pic pockets
240 guests / 120 photos: Vertical format: 40 pages x 3 pic pockets 
300 guests / 150 photos: Vertical format: 50 pages x 3 pic pockets

Pocket / Photo sizes

Photo sizes:
Instax mini/ Polaroid 300 : 5.4(W) x 8.6(H) cm | 2.1' x 3.4'. / Credit card size - portrait format
Instax wide: 10.8(W) x 8.6(H) cm | 4.2' x 3.4'. / 2x Credit card size - horizontal
Instax square: 7.2(W) x 8.5(H) cm | 2.8' x 3.4'. / Square Format
Impossible film / Polaroid Z340: 8.9(W) x 10.8(H) cm | 3.55' x 4.25'
Blank: please choose option: NO POCKETS


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